Shadows of Ardisport

A Pathfinder campaign set in The Mirrored Lands and first live offering for The Adventurers’ Vault.



Ardisport is a city of trade and intrigue. By far the largest city of the realm whose fame is only rivaled by its infamy. A free city by name, holding sway over the city proper and large regions of nearby farmland. In reality a small nation unto itself whose power derives from its internal strength. Run by powerful guilds and fueled by a mighty labor force, Ardisport has a well earned reputation as the hardest working city of the realm. Yet the delicate balance of power creates many dangers. The splendor of Ardisport casts long shadows filled with danger and death. Many come seeking fortune but few find it. Are you brave enough and clever enough to make a name for yourself in the Shadows of Ardisport?


Rich is your GM and guide for Ardisport.

Jake plays Mt. Boulder, a Dwarf pugilist from the dwarven stronghold of Menuldor

Ethan plays Senad Rautha, an Elf Witch from the Jogu desert and brother of Elanil

Nick plays Elanil Vakrana, an Elf Magus from the Jogu desert and Brother of Senad

Sean plays Slake, A Human Rogue looking to get paid

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