Song of the Severed Moon

Rich is your GM and guide for Song Of The Severed Moon

Ethan plays Garrok the Orc, a former assassin turned Cleric with a second lease on life and a debt he can’t repay.

Nick plays Scratch Copperpath, a Ratfolk Swashbuckler with a knack for finding trouble.

Brad plays Turk of the Seven scales. A Sorcerer who uses the power of his Harrow Deck to fight for freedom.



It has been five years since the conclusion of the Dark War. And while most of the inhabitants of the Mirrored Lands were unaware of the details of the great conflict, the far reaching consequences of its conclusion have been obvious. The Dwarven Strongholds have been opened. People once again openly worship the Primal Gods. The magical realm of Atresh has weakened its veil and now allows its citizens to venture into the world. The continent of Pharidon is again inhabitable and experiencing a land rush. A trade boom fills the seas and while a civil war has weakened the Pirate Nation, the victors now Prowl the trade lanes with renewed purpose. It is the dawning of a Golden Age. Yet much conflict remains and many seek to shape the future and make a name for themselves in the coming prosperity.

In the far southern edge of the Continent of Illumar lies the Voldenheim Coast. A remote tundra near the icy southern seas. Thought by most to be uninhabited, but for many decades secretly hid the slave pens of the Dark Master. A vile and evil place with the sole purpose of breeding droves of warriors and laborers in preparation for the Dark War. Hidden villages where trusted servants oppressed and subjugated those ancestries the Dark Master deemed monstrous enough to serve his evil purposes. However the Dark Master was vanquished before he could launch most of his war. No longer constrained by the shadow and demoralizing will of the Dark Master, the slaves quickly revolted and gained their freedom. Nevertheless after generations as slaves these peoples were poorly prepared for a free life and began seeking to establish new futures in many different ways. Some banded together with common ancestries while others formed more inclusive groups. Some became nomadic hunter gatherers while others built small settlements. However some clung to their martial training and sought to become warlords ruling their own lands.

It has been five years since the former slaves took back their freedom. Five years of strife and turmoil. You are a member of a small community that has banded together to create a small village and scratch out a meager existence tilling the soil and hunting game. It is a life of hard work and dangers are everywhere. But so far your meager home has managed to find some success and relative peace. Recently rumors have spread from other nearby settlements of a new menace. A new warband has risen and is marauding his way across the coastline. Tales of one who has gathered together strong warriors and seeks to unite all the region under his banner. He has already taken the title King of Voldenheim. All in his path must submit and join the army of Shogul Chainbreaker. Nevertheless warlords come and go and so far your own warriors, though few in number, have managed to fight off serious attacks. Warlords come and go in these parts and it is a threat you have heard before. It is probably nothing to worry about.