The Cursed Ones set forth to lift their curses once and for all. But the final Boss may not be exactly what they had in mind.

A Mountain Tale is presented by the Adventurers’ Vault. ( A story about four people who by various means are called to the Mount, Magda Pichtua. Their struggles with the many other souls who were cursed to the Mount are the crux of our story.

Campaign information can be found here:

Brad is your GM and guide for the Mountain.

Jake Plays Sorgorhim, an Orc seeking both his past and his future.

Ashley plays Thames, a Rogue with an attitude.

Adam plays Dr. Temproas Peregrine, a Wizard who easily looses track of time.

Tara plays Zyh Dregsclaw, a tough bounty hunter sent to capture Sorgorhim

Tar Epicic games need Epic sound!

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