We begin a new Journey with the Lancer RPG as Ethan steps into the big chair and takes a small mercenary group on a wild big stompy robot ride!

Fourth Lesson, a Lancer Tale is presented by the Adventurers’ Vault. (https://www.theadventurersvault.com/) A short story about for Lancers who come together to form the mercenary unit known as the Black Tigers.

Campaign information can be found here: https://www.theadventurersvault.com/treasure-trove/

Lancer is published by Massif Press: https://massif-press.itch.io/

Ethan is the GM and storyteller for Lancer

Brad plays Ryphus Trebo. Callsign “Captain” Ryphus pilots “Tiger Moth” a Smith-Shimano Corpro Custom Death’s Head. Designed to hold in place and delete enemies before they can get close, Rypus uses his allies to keep bad guys away while deleting them, and capturing some great footage while doing it.

Rich plays Sam Plumbley. Callsign “Highway”. Highway pilots “Roadrunner” a Nelson that specializes in skirmish attacks and mobility.

Adam plays Ricky Maples. Call sign “Turtleshark”. Maples pilots “The Turtleshark” a Drake that is a Size 3 moving fortress built to punish those close with CQB fire or tear apart those farther away with a Leviathan Heavy Cannon. Subtlety is not in this operatives vocabulary.

Sami plays Sylvia Keaty. Callsign “Shaman” Sylvia pilots “To Touch and Reveal” a SSC Black Witch customized for tech attacks to help target against her enemies, specialized for defense and support.

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Music and sounds provided by Syrinscape. (https://syrinscape.com/) Because Epic games need Epic sound!