Its time to take on the Forgemaster, Anton Blackhammer. Do they have the skill? Or the weapons?

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This Adventure is a part of the Shadows of Ardisport series of Adventures. Check our Youtube for Live Stream adventures set in Ardisport.

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Rich is your GM and guide for Ardisport and its Adventures.

Nickle plays Dr. Constance Von Elsen an experienced Thaumaturge curious about the inner working of the Hall of Souls.

Sean Plays Zadkiel a Half Orc Battle Oracle/Bastion who sees both the living world and the spirit world.

Sammi plays Dazana Mistbrook, a Divination Wizard and teaching assistant to the renowned Dr. Tindelton of Oxenbrook.

Gavin plays Dr. Jack, a Magus who seems all too Familiar with ghosts.

Tar Epicic games need Epic sound!

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