Meet our four Exterminators as they get hired for a rush job in the high class area of Ardisport.


While the Investigators from Only Murder Hobos In the Building sail across the sea looking for a way to destroy the Hall of Souls…..The City of Ardisport never sleeps and work continues as normal.

Join the Exterminators. A light hearted adventure that hearkens back you you favorite 80’s and 90’s action heroes. Stop by for the one liners and puns. Stay for the action packed combats.

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This Adventure is a part of the Shadows of Ardisport series of Adventures. Check our Youtube for Live Stream adventures set in Ardisport.

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Rich is your GM and guide for Ardisport and its Adventures.

Sean plays Chance Doniphon. A Rogue/Fighter with a knack for finding Big Trouble in Little Ardisport.

Gavin plays Reeves. An Android from the future who recently switched careers. Now an exTerminator looking for work as a mercenary.

Ethan plays Adrian Lastone. A veteran of the Spider Wars with the Eye of the Tiger.

Sami plays Tuffy the Undead Slayer. A legally distinct Champion who wields Mr. Slashy in between her high school classes.

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