Another day in Springcave and another visit from the Oracle.

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Ethan plays Garrok the Orc, a former assassin turned Cleric with a second lease on life and a debt he can’t repay.

Nick plays Scratch Copperpath, a Ratfolk Swashbuckler with a knack for finding trouble.

Brad plays Turk of the Seven scales. A Sorcerer who uses the power of his Harrow Deck to fight for freedom.

Thorgrum is a Gnoll Diplomat (Barbarian), so committed to the cause of peace that he goes unarmed into conflict situations. What could possibly go wrong?


Nick plays Phoenix. A Fleshwarp Sorcerer who has returned to the Voldenheim coast upon hearing of Shogul Chainbreaker attempting to bring the entire coast under his rule.

Gavin plays Alacan. A Lizardfolk Witch

Sami plays Aza. A Hobgoblin Fighter

Nickel plays Alarna. A Lizardfolk Tyrant

Tar Epicic games need Epic sound!

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